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Civic Engagement

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A Local Official's Guide to Working with Clergy and Congregations
Co-authored by the Peninsula Clergy Network and the Institute for Local Government.

Consultation and Diversity Training in Multi-Faith Awareness
for Your City, Your School, Your Non-Profit, Your Business

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Clergy and Civic Leaders

Area Dialogues

Clergy Dialogue
April 30, 2014

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Introduction to the PCN

Rabbi Jay Miller
PEN-TV Interview
"The Game"

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Governor's Award for Volunteering and ServicePCN Receives 2012
California Governor's
Religious Sector Volunteering
and Service Award

Award presented to PCN President
Rev. Debbie Weatherspoon and
Executive Director Rabbi Jay Miller.


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    The Peninsula Clergy Network:

  • Attaining a common, multi-faith network of every clergy person in a region
  • Galvanizing and empowering the many facets of the religion sector
  • Recognizing and embracing diversity
  • A continuum of community building through dialogue and collaboration with clergy and civic leaders in all sectors.
  • Enabling community institutions and congregations to connect as community partners to access and direct “Congregation Based Resources” (CBR)

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Peninsula Clergy Network

Donate to PCNThe mission of the Peninsula Clergy Network is to establish an interactive network of all clergy in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties in order to build knowledge, understanding and working relationships.

PCN promotes increased interaction between religious and civic leaders and the communities they jointly serve.

Key to the success of the PCN is the creation of a database, unique in the country, of the Peninsula’s 440 clergy and 350 congregations.


The PCN has transformed the professional relationships among the region’s clergy and forged new relations between clergy and other civic leaders. Through the PCN, clergy of all faiths work with civic leaders in education, business, local government, and social services to address issues of importance to our communities.

In this work, the PCN does not advocate, urge a particular faith, or seek religious solutions to civic and secular issues. Instead, the PCN provides the relationships and framework for fostering awareness, understanding, and community engagement.

The Peninsula Clergy Network’s five ongoing initiatives enhance:

  • The tone of religious tolerance
  • The capacity and impact of multifaith collaboratives
  • The engagement of clergy and congregations in the community
  • The access to the faith sector by community partners
  • Multifaith awareness in public institutions and individual congregations
  • Clergy effectiveness and satisfaction

from The Magic of Dialogue
by Daniel Yankelovich
…when dialogue is done skillfully, the results can be extraordinary: long-standing stereotypes dissolved, mistrust overcome, mutual understanding achieved, visions shaped and grounded in shared purpose, people previously at odds with one another aligned on objectives and strategies, new common ground discovered, new perspectives and insights gained, new levels of creativity stimulated, and bonds of community strengthened.


10th anniversary10th Anniversary
Community Builders

  • Rev. Eric Ackerman
    Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Mateo
  • Rev. Eileen Altman
    First Congregational Church of Palo Alto
  • Anonymous
  • Imam Abdurrahman Anwar
  • Atkinson Foundation
  • Rev. Paul Bains
    St. Samuel's Church of God in Christ, East Palo Alto
  • Steve Bietler
    Manager, Government & Public Affairs, Agilient Technologies
  • Jed Black
    Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Borel Private Bank and Trust Company
  • Rev. Mark Bollwinkel
    Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Alto
  • Rev. Lynn Bowdish
    Holy Child & St Martin's Episcopal Church, Daly City
  • Fr. Jerry Brown
    St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park
  • Anne Campbell
    Superintendent, San Mateo County Office of Education
  • Rabbi Micah Citrin
    Peninsula Congregation Beth El, San Mateo
  • Bishop Richard Cook
    Palo Alto, 1st Ward, Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Rebecca Cooper
    Executive Director, Friends for Youth
  • Rev. Dirk Damonte
    Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos
  • Danford Foundation
  • Bishop Bob Etherington
    Stanford, 2nd Ward, Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Phillip Evans
    First Church of Christ, Scientist, Burlingame
  • Rabbi Nathaniel Ezray
    Temple Beth Jacob, Redwood City
  • Rabbi Daniel Feder
    Peninsula Temple Sholom, Burlingame
  • Patriarch Norris Finlayson
    Church of Latter Day Saints, Menlo Park
  • Bishop Phillip Fletcher
    Redwood City, 1st Ward Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Rev. Ryuta Furumoto
    San Mateo Buddhist Temple, San Mateo
  • Michael Heffernan
  • Rev. Jim Henderson
    Believers in Christ Church of God, Redwood City
  • Erik and Julia Jacobsen
    Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Jorge Jaramillo
    President, San Mateo County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Rev. Rolf Hansen
    United Church of Christ, San Carlos
  • Rev. Derek Harmon
    Messiah Lutheran Church, Redwood City
  • Rev. Chip Larrimore
    St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Redwood City
  • Rev. Dennis Logie
  • Rabbi Laurie Matzkin
    Congregation Kol Emeth, Palo Alto
  • Bryand McOmber
    Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Microsoft Foundation
  • Rabbi Jay Miller
    Executive Director, Peninsula Clergy Network
  • Kevin Mullin
    Council Member, City of South San Francisco
  • Rev. Penny Nixon
    Congregational Church of San Mateo
  • Rev. Leonard Oaks
    Holy Child & St Martin's Episcopal Church, Daly City
  • Rev. Julia Older
    Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Redwood City
  • Robert B. Ord
    Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Pastor Samuel Ortega
    Chaplain, Mills Peninsula Health Care
  • PG&E
  • Rev. Dan Parodi
    Sequoia Christian Church, Redwood City
  • Barbara Pierce
    Council Member, Redwood City
  • Dr. Ernest Ribera
  • Rev. Eric Robinson
    Redeemer Lutheran Church, Redwood City
  • Bishop Roy Robinson
    Menlo Park, Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Rev. Thomas Skillings
    St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Burlingame
  • Rabbi Rebecca Stern
    Peninsula Temple Sholom
  • Rev. Susan Thompson
    St. Edmund's Episcopal Church, Pacifica
  • Dr. Linda Thor
    Chancellor, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District
  • Peter Uccelli Foundation
  • Rev. Debbie Weatherspoon
    Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos
  • Rev. Paul Watermulder
    First Presbyterian Church, Burlingame
  • Bishop Jeffrey Wise
    Valparaiso Ward, Church of Latter Day Saints

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